Classes at SBG Manchester

Introduction Classes

We offer introduction sessions in all of our programs. These are aimed at the new student but are also available people who have trained before and looking to get back into the arts. These classes follow a rotating curriculum and are designed to help you learn and develop in the optimal way. Once you have been through these session the entire class schedule opens up to you. This format also makes it easier for you to try out new classes.

Mixed Martial Arts

This class combines all the ranges; stand up , clinch and ground and includes both striking and grappling techniques. Ideal for Fitness, self defence or competition, this is the original no holds barred combat athletics session. These classes are open to anyone comfortable with the basics. It is recommended that this class is combined with submission grappling or BJJ class as a good grappling base.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu concentrates on how to fight on the ground. It emphasises good technique, mobility and leverage over brute force. You will learn to escape from holds and pins, how to control an opponent on the floor and how to apply chokes and joint locks. If you are looking for self defence, then ground fighting is an important component to consider. BJJ is also a competitive sport in its own right and there are regular opportunities to compete at every level.

Please note it is not essential to compete to gain the benefits that Jiu jitsu offers.

Submission Grappling

This class covers both standing and ground grappling. It concentrates on the fundamentals, emphasising good positional and submission skills. Ideal for the grappler wishing to compete, gain the related health benefts and an essential base for anyone interested in Mixed Martial Arts.


SBG Trafford is a professional boxing gym with a fully licensed professional trainer/second. Our boxing sessions are incorporated into our MMA striking classes. During these sessions coaches will be on hand to work the fundamentals of boxing, including bagwork, padwork and sparring drills. These sessions are great for general fitness.

MMA Striking and Kick Boxing

The Mixed Martial Arts striking classes concentrate Muay Thai , Kickboxing, Savate and Western Boxing. These classes also cover the close range and clinch fighting essential for MMA and self defence.

Freestyle Wrestling

Wrestling classes focus on stand up wrestling and take downs with a submission grappling and MMA specific focus. These sessions are open to anyone interested in the wrestling arts.


Judo covers the art of throwing with the Gi ( the suit used for training ) . This session greatly enhances the the stand up grappling for Brazilian jiu-jitsu .