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//Competition Team Video

Competition Team Video

Hears a look at some of the work that goes on in the mornings at SBG Manchester. This video shows clips of some of the professional and up and coming amateur athletes drill and technical spar. The level and intensity for each individual varies and depends on what stage of fight preparation the fighter is. The morning sessions shift between instruction and isolation drilling and the integration and sparring drills on the video.

Currently on the mat preparing for upcoming bouts is Jorden Desbourgh who is making his return to Cage Warriors on September 13th with team mate Azi Thomas who will be fighting on the same card. Martin Stapleton and Aaron Wilkinson are both signed to Bellator and will be returning to the USA to compete on the next Bellator card in Fresno, Califonia September 19th. Two more CageWarriors signed fighters Matt Inman and Saul Rogers are on the mat daily building their game for CageWarriors bouts later in the year. We also have news that the one and only Alex Minogue will be walking into the welterweight ranks.

The general evening and daytime classes at SBG Mainline focus on detailed instruction in the individual arts such as kickboxing, Muay Thai , boxing, submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu jitsu .

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